Nov 15, 2015

Pilgrim Children Chores and Chore Cards

Last year I saw Julie Lee's post on Pilgrim Children Chores.  I saw it after Thanksgiving break last year and put it on my to do list for this coming year.  So, when we were planning for Pilgrim week this year, I knew this needed to be on my to do list.  We did 4 stations one day and they did each station for 15 minutes.  The kids absolutely loved it and they synergized together on a couple of the stations.  

They loved sewing and thought it was kind of hard work!

Fishing for the family was a definite hit. 
Picking berries was another fun chore that they enjoyed.  I painted some boards green, put stickers where they could put the berries.  They had to put the berries on the tree, pick the berries, and of course some of them pretended to eat some of the berries because they thought it was tiring work.

They loved this station of stuffing their mattresses.  I took plastic grocery bags and they synergized together stuffing it.

This was not on the to do list, but these two thought they needed to try out how soft their mattress was after stuffing it.  They voted to keep their bed at home.
 We had them choose their favorite chore and it was close.  The one with the most votes was fishing.  I would say after a week of learning about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower they definitely put a lot of items on the schema side of their brain.  We first had it in new learning, but I can say it is "stuck" in their mind now for good!!  
Thanks, Julie for helping us with some great activities.
I made some fun pilgrim chore cards and word list to go with this fun week.  We plan on posting these cards soon on TPT.
This past week we worked on Native Americans.  We will post some of those pictures soon!!

Oct 27, 2015

Veterans Day Word List and Word Cards RIght Around the Corner

With it being the end of October, reality has set in that November is going to be here real soon.  So, I started thinking about what units we will do in the 3 weeks we have school in November.  Yes, I did say 3 weeks.  We get the whole week of Thanksgiving off because we choose 3 nights in early October once a week to hold our fall conferences.  It's tiring, but it is well worth it!!
So, one of the things we do in November is talk about Veterans Day.  We use a word list and word cards in our writing center along with our journal time.  You can find this product in our TPT store by clicking on the following words: Veterans Day.


Oct 7, 2015

September Math Journals...So MUCH precision

We just wrapped up our September Math Journals last week.  After I looked through all of the math journals, I was so proud of all of the "extra" learning that went on during these daily journals.  We work on a lot of the Standards For Mathematical Practices.  We discuss a lot about precision.  We all should have the same answers some of the time, but may go about solving them in several different ways.  We love to share the different ways we solve problems.  It's a great way to get mathematical discussion going in your classroom!!  There are 20 pages in each monthly journal and they are soooooooo easy to copy.  No cutting, no gluing...just putting it into the copier and staple.  Then it's done for the entire month!  Here are some samples from September:
On this specific page, we reviewed the word hexagon, talked about how many side and vertices/corners, talked about the word 5 frame on the top, talked about it being a 10 frame, talked about how to fill it out from top to bottom left to the right, wrote our numbers to reinforce our precision, circled key words that helped us solve the word problem, and FINALLY solved the problem!  TONS OF LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES in just 1 page!!

Talked about the 5 frame going vertical instead of horizontally and how to fill it out top to bottom left to the right, discussed key vocabulary words to help solve the problem and circled them, wrote our numbers to 4 saying our math jingles.

Reviewed sorting from our Bridges math unit, discussed all the different ways we sorted apples from the week before, and discussed how to organize our data so that our readers could see neatly how we organized our data.

We discussed that these were not 10 frames, but modeled how to count blocks to make sure that we counted them all.  Discussed how writing numbers in the boxes reassured our precision, and discussed how to double check over our work to make sure we counted correctly.  Finally they wrote their findings on the provided line.  We also got to practice number writing again!!
 As you can see, this math journal time is full of sooooooo many math items that the kids can absorb in just 10 minutes or less!!  We are encouraging you to try out October's Math Journal so we are putting it on sale starting today:  Wednesday, October 7-Saturday, October 10.  Here is the direct link for the October's Math Journal:  click here. 
 We have put it on sale for $1.60.  It is originally $2.00. 

Oct 1, 2015

Weather Unit Finished

My kids absolutely loved our weather unit.  Each day we read weather books and talked about different kinds of weather.  After talking about the weather we did 2 pages in our weather booklets.  We also used our word list to discuss weather vocabulary.  Here is a link to both of these items.  Our word cards have been updated recently.  
Weather and Season Word Cards and Word List for only $1.00.
Crafty Weather Unit for only $5.00.

Here are just a few of the samples from our booklets that we made this year.  We sang a tune and they loved reading/singing the weather song. 

Sep 26, 2015

Math Journals Developing Problem Solving Skills

Our district is using a new math program called Bridges.  I am loving all of the components of this program and the students are becoming quite independent with the work places.  I am also doing the monthly math journals that SueBeth and I created a couple of years ago.  These are so easy to make, just print and they are ready to go.  
Each day the students and I read the problem.  Once we read the problem, we go back and the students decide which words help them solve the problem and which words are what we call "fluff".  There are 20 pages in each month.  I do send them home after each month so that parents can see all of the problem solving that we have been doing.  Our district uses the state math diagnostic test as our SLO and the students do amazing on this test I feel due to all of the problem solving they have done each and every day.  
We are putting these math journals on sale starting today, Saturday, October 26 through Monday October 28.  We have not yet bundled these so you do have to buy each individual month.
These journals typically run $2.00 for each month, but you can get them now through Monday night for $1.60. gluing, cutting, etc. all you need to do is throw them in the copier and they are done.  I do mine each summer for the entire year!! 
Here is the direct link to our TPT store which is also on our side bar:  Busy Bees TPT Store.